Collaborative Research Contract (共同研究契約)

2022年04月-2025年3月: 宇宙航空研究開発機構

2021年04月-2024年3月: 気象庁・気象研究所・気象観測研究部(岡本幸三・石田春磨)

2019年11月-2025年3月: 理化学研究所・計算科学研究センター・データ同化研究チーム(PI: 三好建正)

Ongoing Projects (as Lead PI)

  • 2022/04–2028/03 International Advanced Academic Research Support Program (Top Leader), Chiba University, Japan (PI: Shunji Kotsuki) (XXXX)
    • Exploring Frontiers in Global Environment and Disaster Predictions Through Integration of Big Satellite Observations and Data Science
  • 2022/04–2025/03 JAXA Third Research Announcement, JAXA, Japan (PI: Shunji Kotsuki) (ER3GPF016)
    • Advancing GSMaP Precipitation by Land Data Assimilation and Data Science
  • 2022/01–2024/12 Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows Foundation, JSPS, Japan (PI: Daiya Shiojiri) (21J01322)

Ongoing Projects (as Co-PI)

Finished Projects (as Lead PI)

Finished Projects (as Co-PI)