Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • Our Purpose: What roles do we play?
    • Science: to deepen data and earth science to create global environmental predictions.
    • Education: to encourage “active” members who will lead society in the next era.
    • Society: to realize social implementations for disaster preventions w/ collaborators.
  • Our Position: How are we differentiated?
    • Strengthen data science and methodologies such as data assimilation and machine learning to solve geoscience problems.
    • Issue-driven: to solve unique & interesting problems rather than just improvements.
    • With an awareness of PMF, challenging without fear of failure. Focusing on competing based on the number of challenges, not on the success rate.
  • Our Ambition: How far will we go?
    • Becoming a global environment and data science research hub in Japan.
    • Becoming a leading group in the field of earth science in the publication and realization of social implementation.
  • Our Values: What are our standards?
    • Strengthening our competence while challenging ourselves in new areas (80:20).
    • Respecting other members & achieving outcomes that cannot be accomplished alone.
    • Providing opportunities with allowance of failure for researchers and students.

A World Beyond Predictions

In 2022, we created a logo for the lab. In the logo, the tagline "A World Beyond Predictions" may catch your attention. This tagline implies our will to create a new world by developing technologies and knowledge that exceed the world's predictions. As a source of science and technology invention, our first goal is to meet the results that will make the research industry and society say, "Is it possible to do such a thing?” The tagline also indicates our internal motivation to go beyond our own imaginations and limitations (predictions). By collaborating with colleagues and partners in our research, we hope to reach understandings and technological developments that we could not reach on our own. Our second goal is to be able to say, "We have made it this far together!"

Policies of Kotsuki Laboratory: 2024-2025

The entire laboratory meeting at the beginning of each school year sets the direction of the laboratory for the year.

2024年4月2日 5年目の方向性 (小槻)
2024年4月2日 方向性 (岡﨑)


  • Inspired by
    • スティーヴン・コヴィー「7つの習慣」
    • ほぼ日刊イトイ新聞「岩田聡はこんなことを話していた」
    • 稲盛和夫「京セラフィロソフィ」
    • 宮嶋健人「株式会社・メディアインパクトのミッション・ステートメント」