Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • What are our goals?

    • world-leading scientific outcomes
    • technical/personal growth to be more attractive
    • contributions to realize the “Society WELL-BEING”
  • How we are going to achieve?

    • must be convinced first, to devote ourselves
    • must be impressed first, to share with others
    • must win blue-ocean games, & explore new fields
    • must publish our outcomes, not to evaporate them
  • Consequently, we will be

    • proud of ourselves
    • attractive, resilient & dynamic equilibrium


  • All Members (to be an ameba-like team)

    • being happy & keeping respects to others
    • taking your initiatives (e.g., suggestions, questions)
  • Myself (SK)

    • to keep studying & being a leading scientist
    • to share information/thoughts & make you think
    • to commit our growth w/o my selfishness
  • Students / Professional Researchers

    • to have curiosity, study, and do challenges
    • to educate younger people to be a resilient team
  • Supporting Staffs

    • administrative works, to share useful info.
    • to provide better research environments
    • to increase SK’s time for education & research

  • Inspired by
    • スティーヴン・コヴィー「7つの習慣」
    • ほぼ日刊イトイ新聞「岩田聡はこんなことを話していた」
    • 稲盛和夫「京セラフィロソフィ」
    • 宮嶋健人「株式会社・メディアインパクトのミッション・ステートメント」