Ouyang Maoさんの着任について

9月1日付で小槻研究室へ特任研究員としてOuynag Maoさんが着任されました。

I am Mao Ouyang, a postdoc in Kotsuki Lab of Center of Environment Remote Sensing (CEReS) starts from September 2021. Until September 29, 2021, I have stayed in Japan for ten years, after the competition of BEng at Central South University (Changsha, China). During the ten years, I received the systematic scientific research training from the Tokyo Institute of Technology (MEng, PhD) and the University of Tokyo (Postdoc). I greatly thank the scholarship provided by MEXT during my graduate study. Research on internal erosion under the supervision of Prof. A. Takahashi (TIT) sparks my interest in discovering the world through various approaches, like experiments and observations. My understanding to research, e.g., why we do research, what is research, and how to evaluate research work, is further advanced through the flood research instructed by Prof. T. Tokunaga (UTokyo). In the node of the tenth year, I appreciate the opportunity offered by CEReS to allow me conduct research in the leading remote sensing center. I am eager to gain more experience in the methodology-based and global scale hydraulic research at Environmental Prediction Science, Kotsuki Lab. I also believe that I could contribute to the research center. Change of career path and employment of new member will add the uncertainties to both sides, and I hope that the uncertainties to be positive impacts (win-win).